November 13, 2019


We’re Hiring!


Job Title:  Kids Vision for Life Mobile Vision Clinic Driver

Employment Status:  Seasonal (August-May)

Time:  The position works under the schedule set by the Executive Director and/or Operations KVFL Manager.

Department: 999 Kids Vision for Life

Supervisor’s Name/Title:  Executive Director or other KVFL Manager as designated by Executive Director

Overall Purpose & Objective of this Position

The Mobile Vision Clinic Manager is responsible for driving to and from local elementary schools throughout St. Louis, MO.  He/she is also responsible for the overall upkeep and maintenance of the mobile vision clinic.  Must maintain the Kids Vision for Life mobile vision clinic, ensuring the safety of the vehicle and assisting KVFL personnel during scheduled clinic sessions. 

Essential Duties & Responsibilities of the Position


  • Drives to and from elementary schools located throughout St. Louis, MO.
  • Operates vehicle in a safe manner. 
  • Must pick up and return the vehicle to parking space located in Wood River, IL each day you are designated to drive in pristine condition.  The vehicle may not be parked in any other location while not in operation.
  • Informs supervisor of any unusual situations or accidents immediately.
  • Providing timely reports of necessary mobile medical unit repairs and general needs.
  • Takes the mobile clinic to scheduled and unscheduled maintenance appointments.
  • Ensuring the vehicle is properly prepared for community activities; coordinates all required and necessary service and maintenance through communication with the Operations Manager.
  • Resourceful and able to problem-solve to keep the clinic safe and running.
  • Complies with all traffic safety rules and regulations.
  • Maintain accurate logs per required standards.
  • Ensuring the safety of the vehicle and occupants by following all organizational, local, state and federal laws.
  • Inspects and maintains vehicle daily for cleaning and safety issues.
  • Must have good knowledge of vehicle maintenance and preventive maintenance.  


Physical/ Mental Demands

Individuals in the position must meet and maintain the physical and mental ability to:

  1. Ability to operate the vehicle in a safe and economical manner.
  2. Ability to operate the vehicle in a variety of traffic and weather conditions.
  3. Ability to handle confidential and sensitive documents in a responsible manner.
  4. Ability and willingness to work with elementary-age school children.

Skills/ Qualification

  1. High school diploma or GED
  2. Valid Missouri Driver’s License
  3. Must have and maintain a clean driving record
  4. Experience driving and maintaining large rigs: buses, fire engines, Large Class A RVs, or other large vehicles that may require a CDL license
  5. Previous experience working with children is a plus.
  6. Demonstrated ability to create a productive, team-oriented work environment.
  7. Must be able to climb into the mobile vision clinic, which is higher off of the ground than an SUV. 
  8. Must be able to open heavy compartments on the mobile vision clinic.
  9. Must be able to stand on your feet for two to three hours consecutively.
  10. Optometric or Ophthalmic clinical practice experienced is desired.

* Must pass a background check and drug test.


$115/ per day 

Please submit resume to JJ Scarbrough: