Have you ever wondered how the Kids Vision for Life program works? What is a screening day versus an exam day? How do the kids receive their glasses? Our school visits consist of three easy steps.

123Day One: Screening Day

KVFL’s first visit to a school begins with the screening day. Our team of dedicated staff and volunteers works together to screen the entire school on near, far, and stereoscopic acuities. From the acuities, we then determine the students who failed the vision screening and need an eye exam.


Day Two: Exam Day

The following week the KVFL team returns to the school with the mobile vision clinic for the exam day. Students who failed the vision screening and have parental permission receive an eye exam from one of our KVFL optometrists. Students are then able to pick out their new glasses from our selection.

With our new mobile vision clinic’s lab, some students are able to receive their glasses on the same day as the exam. For students with stronger prescriptions, we have to send their frames to our lab for the lenses to be made.


Day Three: Dispensing Day

Our last visit to the school is usually the student’s favorite- dispensing day! Our team returns to the school to give students their new glasses and instruct them how to wear and take care of them.