Replacement Glasses

PLEASE NOTE:  Due to the overwhelming popularity of our free replacement program, we have updated our policies. 

  • When possible, all replacement pairs will be ordered directly from our partner lab.
  • Due to this fact, replacement frames may not match student’s initial selection, but will be selected from our stock of free frames.
  • KVFL staff will contact the parent to schedule a pick up when the glasses are ready. 
  • We order replacement glasses at the end of each week.  
  • Glasses are typically ready 2 weeks after they have been ordered. 
  • Vision prescriptions expire after one year. Students with an expired prescription will need to receive an updated vision exam before they can qualify for replacement glasses. Please do not submit requests for exams in this form.
  • If your child received an eye exam from another provider (NOT KVFL) you must provide a copy in order to receive replacement glasses. Please upload a copy of their valid prescription using the form below.

Thank you! – The KVFL Team

Please share the Building Name AND the School District to expedite your request.
Please share the School District and the Building Name.
Please include, Brand, Model #, Measurements, Color, etc.
If your child's most recent eye exam was not with KVFL, please select YES and upload a copy of your child's prescription below. Prescriptions must be within one year to be valid. Please make sure your child's prescription includes a PD measurement.
Please provide any other details that would help us complete your order.