Congratulations! You’ve just received your new glasses from Kids Vision for Life and you look great! It’s important to keep your glasses in good shape so they can continue to help you see better. Check out our tips on how to take care of your new glasses, and feel free to ask us any questions you may have.


  • When your glasses aren’t on your face, put them in the case! It is important to keep you glasses put away in a safe spot when you are not wearing them so they do not get broken.
  • Always use two hands to put your glasses on and take them off. Using one hand can cause your glasses to bend or become crooked.
  • Don’t let your friends try on or play with your glasses. Your new glasses are for you only!
  • Don’t use paper towels, napkins, or your shirt to clean your lenses. Use the cleaning cloth provided to clean your lenses.
  • To properly clean your glasses, run them under warm water and rub dish soap on the lenses with your fingers. Do not use Windex or other household cleaners.


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