February 16, 2016

Nurses Information

Kids Vision for Life St. Louis, (KVFL), is proud to provide quality vision care for local elementary and middle school students at NO COST to both families and the schools. Are you a new or returning Kids Vision for Life school? On this page you can find information on scheduling school visits, how our program works, and more!

THE PROGRAM PROCESS: The KVFL process involves three school visits, detailed below:

  • Screening Day: The screening day is the initial visit* of the KVFL process. Our screening team will screen the entire school, from Kindergarten through 8th grade.
    • *If your school has already been screened, by you or another organization, we are happy to provide eye exams for the students who did not pass.
    • On screening day we will need an empty classroom, the library or gym to conduct the screenings.  We will also need the teachers to be aware that we are coming. Please have a schedule in place for each classroom to attend the screening.
    • The screening results will be emailed to the nurse after the screening day has concluded. Students who do not pass the screening will need to be sent home with a KVFL consent form for parents/guardians to sign.
    • When you schedule your KVFL screening day please provide us with a roster of your students that includes their name, grade, DOB, gender and classroom number.   We need this two weeks before your scheduled screening day!
  • Exam Day: The exam day occurs a week or two after the screening day. All students who return a signed and completed consent form will receive an eye exam on our mobile vision clinic. Students who need glasses will pick out their new frames on the vision van that day. Some students will receive their glasses on the exam day!
  • Dispensing Day: Students who did not receive their glasses on the van during the exam day will receive their glasses from our lab in 2-3 weeks. A member of our team will bring the glasses to your school and fit them to each student. Students will learn how to properly wear and care for their glasses on the dispensing day and be provided with a case, cleaning cloth, and an instructional card detailing when to wear their glasses.


Download the KVFL Consent Form: KVFL 2017-18 Consent Form

Download the KVFL Spanish Consent Form: KVFL 2017-18 Spanish Consent Form

Download the Vision Result Form for Nurses: RESULT FORM

For more information about the program or to request a school visit, contact JJ Scarbrough at JJM@kidsvisionforlifestlouis.com.