Replacement Program

If your child received glasses through Kids Vision for Life and those glasses are now broken or misplaced, follow the steps below to obtain a replacement pair.

Step 1: CALL your local Crown Vision Center : Call 1-800-475-6320 for the location closest to you.

Step 2: Tell us who you are: Upon your arrival at Crown Vision Center, inform the staff that your child received glasses through Kids Vision for Life and you need a replacement.

Step 3: Tell us about your child: Please provide  the Crown Vision staff with your child’s name, date of birth, and school your child attended when they received their glasses.  With this information, the store will verify your child’s prescription. (Note: Vision examinations and prescriptions are valid for one year in the state of Missouri.  If your child’s examination is older than one year, you will need to schedule a Kids Vision for Life exam at your local Crown Vision Center to receive a current prescription and glasses).

Step 4: Select your child’s frame: At your local Crown Vision Center, you will be allowed to choose a new frame from a specific frame selection.  If you choose to go with a frame outside of that specific selection, you are responsible for the retail value of that frame.

Step 5: Financial responsibility: If your child has no insurance: A $20 fee will be collected for the replacement glasses at the time of service.

If your child has Medicaid– Ask the Crown Vision staff if your child has a replacement benefit available.  If your child does, the Medicaid replacement benefit can be used instead of the $20 payment.  If all your benefits have been redeemed you will be expected to pay the $20 fee.

Your child’s replacement glasses will be available within 7-10 business days.  You will receive a call from your Crown Vision Center when your child’s glasses are ready to be picked up!