Kids Vision for Life St. Louis visits over 150 elementary and middle schools in the area, seeing over 33,000 students each school year.

School nurses are a vital aspect of our program, as they help schedule visits and ensure that students are prepared for our on-site visits. Without our school nurses, we would not be able to impact such a large scale of students.

What do our school nurses think about working with KVFL? Read a few testimonials from school nurses we have worked with this school year.



We are a low income community and many families do not have medical insurance as well as vision insurance. Not only do you provide free screenings, exams and glasses but you bring them to the school. Many of our families are single parent and cannot miss work or have no transportation to take their children to the eye doctor. Your staff truly is amazing and efficient. We had difficulty with a student not wanting glasses but after your staff worked with her… she couldn’t decide between two frames and cried because she wanted both. Phenomenal!

-Hancock Place


It is so accessible and the staff is super with the kids. We are so grateful for this program. Many of our students would have to go without glasses if it were not for KVFL.

-Maplewood Richmond Heights


The eye exams and eye glasses meet an important health and educational need for the students and families we serve at our school. The students get an amazing choice of frames that are very stylish and make the adjustment to wearing glasses more inviting!

-Confluence Old North